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Can I improve the performance of the EPSON StylusRIP software?
Yes, StylusRIP performance can be improved by doing the following. Increase the memory on the PC. The minimum amount of memory is 16MB for StylusRIP in addition to memory used by Windows 95 or 98, but 32 MB or more is preferred. Perform all image modifications in an image editing application such as Photoshop. Clean up the pasteboard in your page layout application and delete all unused artwork from the pasteboard. Avoid using a tint of a process color. The RIP must process a percentage of a color that is made with percentages of CMYK. Avoid excessively high resolution images and backgrounds. Many times, the resolution can be reduced without reducing the quality of the output. Select a spool directory that is on a separate partition or drive. An increase to the PC's processor speed will also increase overall system performance.

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