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The ink cartridge latch broke. What should I do?
The common mistake that the Stylus Color IIs owners make is lifting the gray lid while the print head is on the outside of the printer which can cause a plastic piece to break. The print heads should work just fine even without that piece that broke off or came loose. All that spring loaded, plastic piece is for is to prevent you from accidentally removing the ink cartridge when the print head is outside of the printer (which you never want to do). The printhead on this printer should only be taken out when it switching between the color and black cartridge. If you are changing an old cartridge for a new cartridge, you have to make sure that the blue clamp is not opened and the head stays in the printer. For example, if you were changing the black cartridge on your printer, you would follow the instructions listed below:

Start with the problem printhead installed into the printer, then follow these steps.

Please follow this procedure to clear the flashing error light:

Factory Reset:

1) Shut printer off.

2) Hold down the Alt and Pause buttons while powering on the printer (continue holding for approx. 5 seconds and release).

3) The Error light should be on solid.

4) Hold down the Load/Eject until the Pause and Economy start to blink.

5) Release Load/Eject then press the Alt button to initialize the printer.

If the issue persists, please try the following to clear the light.

Reseating the Ink Cartridge:

1) Pause the printer

2) Press the Alt button until the print head starts to shift over (then release the Alt)

3) Lift the Gray Clamp that holds the ink cartridge all the way open then clamp it back down

4) Once the clamp is closed, press and release the Alt button to recharge the Ink Delivery system (takes about 2 minutes).

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