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Why am I getting a GPF or system error when I try to print?
Please follow the instructions below to correct the problem that you are experiencing:

In Windows 95:
1. Click on 'Start' 'Settings' 'Printers'
2. Remove all Epson Stylus Color II drivers by highlighting the icon andpressing DELETE
3. Click on 'Yes' when prompted
4. Once the driver is removed, restart the computer
5. insert your Epson Driver Disk in the floppy driver or install off the downloaded file
6. Click on 'Start' 'Run' and type in A:SETUP and press ENTER
7. Wait until the driver is installed and you get the 'Setup Is Complete' message
8. Click on 'Okay' and that windows and close the Epson window with the icons
9. Click 'Start' 'Settings' 'printers'
10. Highlight the 'Epson Stylus Color II' icon and click on 'File''Properties'
11. Go to the 'Details' tab
12. Where it says 'Print to the following port', it should say 'LPT1 (PrinterPort)
13. If it says 'LPT1 (ECP Printer Port), you should change it to standard port through the device manager
14. Click on 'Spool Settings' and select 'Print directly to the printer'. Click on 'Okay'
15. Click on 'Port Settings' and deselect both options. Click on 'Okay'
16. Close the properties and printers windows
17. On your hard drive, create a directory called EPSPOOL so you haveC:\EPSPOOL
18. Click on 'Start' 'Programs' 'Epson' 'Spool Manager'
19. Click on 'Option' 'Default spool directory' and change to C:\EPSPOOL. Click 'Okay'
20. Click on 'Queue' 'Setup' and ensure the spool directory is C:\EPSPOOL
21. Uncheck 'Use print manager for this port' and click on 'Okay'
22. If you have the cable going through a switch box or pass-through port, disable them please and maintain a direct connection.
23. Print a test page

In Windows 3.1:
1. In Program Manager, open the 'Main' program group
2. Double-click on 'Control Panel' 'Printers'
3. Ensure that your default printer is 'Epson Stylus Color II on LPT1'
4. Disable 'Use Print Manager'
5. Click on 'Close' and close down the Control Panel and Main windows
6. On your hard drive, create a directory by the name of EPSPOOL so you have C:\EPSPOOL
7. Open the 'Epson' program group
8. Double-click on 'Spool Manager'
9. Click on 'Options' 'Default spool directory' and change to the C:\EPSPOOL directory and click 'Okay'
10. In the Spool Manager, click on 'Queue' 'Setup'
11. Disable 'Use print manager for this port'
12. Ensure that the 'Spool directory' is C:\EPSPOOL and click on 'Okay'
13. Close the 'Spool Manager'
14. Ensure that you have a direct cable connection
15. Print a test page.

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