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What driver should I use to print from Windows 95?
Epson laser printers emulate HP printers, so if the Epson printer model is not listed among the Windows driver choices, you need to use the appropriate HP printer driver. Microsoft provides Windows 95 drivers on the Windows 95 installation CD or setup diskettes.

Since you are using Windows 95, you should install the printer's emulation which is the HPLJ4 printer driver (32-bit).

There are three changes that you will make to this driver:

1. Go to the HPLJ4 properties section, go to the tab called, "GRAPHICS" select the option called, "DITHERING." Under this option select "ERROR DIFFUSION."

2. On the same menu screen, select the option called, GRAPHICS MODE. Click on the first option which reads,"USE RASTER GRAPHICS."

3. Under the tab called, "FONTS." Go to "TRUE TYPE FONTS." Select on this menu, the option called, "PRINT TRUE TYPE AS GRAPHICS." Click once on APPLY, then OKAY.

4. Make sure that the port settings are set to LPT1, NORMAL, STANDARD, bi-directional or SPP only. The printer does not support ECP or EPP. Any changes to your printer port will have to be done in your system's BIOS. Refer to you Win 95 manual or contact your computer vendor for assistance.

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