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I'm getting a Page Buffer Full message when I try to print or incomlete pages print. What's wrong?
The "Page Buffer Full" message or incomplete page printing happens most often when printing spreadsheets or large graphic files. This indicates there is not enough RAM memory in the printer to process the whole page.

This can be demonstrated by changing the printer resolution in the Print menu to a lower number, for example: 150 dpi instead of 300 dpi. If the complete page prints or most of the page then the problem is due to inadequate memory resources in the printer.

Here are a few suggestions to try:

1. Try installing the HPLJ Series II printer driver. This driver does not use as much memory. In Win 95, there are two changes that you will make to this driver:

* Go to the HPLJ Series II properties section, go to the tab called, "GRAPHICS" select the option called, "DITHERING." Under this option select "ERROR DIFFUSION."

* Under the tab called, "FONTS." Go to "TRUE TYPE FONTS." Select on this menu, the option called, "PRINT TRUE TYPE AS GRAPHICS."

2. Try decreasing the current print driver's resolution to 150 dpi. This options is found under GRAPHICS.

3. Install more memory on the printer.
You can contact your local Epson dealer or the Epson Store to find out about upgrading the memory.

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