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Why is "@PJL’ printing at the top of the page?
If you are using Win 95, you should install the printer's emulation which is the HPLJ4 printer driver (32-bit) as opposed to the 16-bit Windows driver and set up your system as follows:

1) From the Desktop click Start, Settings, then Printers
2) Highlight the HP LaserJet 4P
3) Click on File then Properties
4) Click on the Details tab
5) Click on Port settings (located in the lower right side of the window)
6) Disable "check port state before printing" and click OK
7) Click on Spool Settings and select "print directly to printer" and click OK
8) OK the Properties, close Printers, restart the computer
9) Once back in Windows 95' try and print a document from the Wordpad or Notepad programs (located in accessories).

There are three changes that you will make to this driver:

1. Go to the HPLJ4 properties section, go to the tab called, "GRAPHICS" select the option called, "DITHERING." Under this option select "ERROR DIFFUSION."

2. On the same menu screen, select the option called, GRAPHICS MODE. Click on the first option which reads,"USE RASTER GRAPHICS."

3. Under the tab called, "FONTS." Go to "TRUE TYPE FONTS." Select on this menu, the option called, "PRINT TRUE TYPE AS GRAPHICS." Click once on APPLY, then OKAY.

4. Make sure that the port settings are set to LPT1, NORMAL, STANDARD, bi-directional or SPP only. The printer does not support ECP or EPP. Any changes to your printer port will have to be done in your system's BIOS. Refer to you Win 95 manual or contact your computer vendor for assistance.

5. You may also try the HPLJIII printer driver. Use changes 1 and 3 for this driver.
*For wider Compatibility with your software programs, we recommend the HPLJ4.

Next, disable the printers control panel if installed:

1. Click on START.
2. Click on the word, RUN. Delete whatever is within the RUN line.
3. Type in, SYSEDIT. Press OK.
4. Your screen will show the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION SCREEN.
5. Close AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of that screen area.
6. Under the C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI file, look for the line that reads,
7. It should look like this, run=
8. Restart Win 95. While your system reboots, turn off the printer and keep it off until you are back at your DeskTop.
9. Once you are back at your Desk Top and you DO NOT see the PRINTER CONTROL PANEL, turn on the printer.
10. If the panel returns, follow steps 1 thru 9.

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