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What driver should I use to print from Windows 95?
The driver needed for Windows 95 is an HP driver emulation, not the EPSON driver. The HP driver needed is the HPLJ4MV

1) Click on Start and go up to settings and click on Printers.

2) When the printers window is open, double click on the Add Printer Icon. When the Add Printer wizard is open, click on next, and follow the instructions until the wizard is showing Manufacturers and Printers.

3) Under manufacturers select HP. Under the printer names, scroll down until you find the HPLJ4MV printer.

4) Highlight HPLJ4MV and then click on next.

5) The next window will be showing the printer port (lpt1), click on next.

6) The next window will be asking you if you want your windows based programs to use this printer as the default printer, click on yes and then click on next.

7) The next window will ask if you would like to print a test page? Click on no and then click on finish.

At this point windows may prompt you to insert your Windows 95 CD or one of your Windows disks. If not prompted to insert any software, Windows will copy your driver files and install the HPLJ4MV printer icon into your printers window.

We suggest making changes in the properties of the HP driver. Try the following;

1) Click on Start, go up to settings and click on printers.

2) In the printers window, highlight the HPLJ4MV, and click on File.

3) Click on Properties when the drop down dialog box appears.

4) Next click on the Details tab. Then click on port settings, and take out any check marks in (spool ms dos print jobs and check port state before printing), and click on OK.

5) Next click on spool settings, and select print directly to the printer (if not an option, make sure the spool data format is RAW). Click on OK.

6) Next click on the Graphics tab. For the graphics mode, select Use Raster Graphics

7) Next click on the Fonts tab. Where there is 3 selections for True Type Fonts, select Print True Type as Graphics.

8) Next click on the Device Options tab. Where there is the Printer Memory tracking option, drag the arrow to Aggresive.Click on Apply after all changes have been made

9) Close your printers window and test.

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