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How do I setup the soundcard in Windows 95?
Windows 95 ACTIONNOTE 890/895/910 SOUND CARD Default SETUP

1. From the Windows 95 Control panel SYSTEM icon, select the DEVICE MANAGER TAB. Then from the listed system devices Double Click on "Sound, video and game controllers". Listed should be: ESS ES1688 AudioDrive Gameport Joystick

2. Double click on "ESS ES 1688 AudioDrive" listed under "Sound video and game controllers".

A. The (GENERAL TAB) should read:

ESS ES1688 Audio Drive
Device type: Sound, video and game controllers
Manufacturer: ESS Technology, Inc.
Hardware version: Not available

Device status:
This device is working properly

Device usage
[x] original Configuration (Current)

B. Click on the (DRIVER) TAB, the information listed should read:
ESS ES 1688 AudioDrive

Driver Files:

File details

Provider: Microsoft Corporation File version: 1.0.950

C. Click on the [RESOURCES] TAB, the information listed should read: ESS ES1688 AudioDriveResource settings.
Resource type Settings
Input/Output Range 0220 - 022F
Input/Output Range 0388 - 038B
Interrupt Request 05
Direct Memory Access 03

Setting based on: Basic configuration 1

[ ] Use automatic settings ( Note, automatic settings is not checked)
Conflict device list:
Interrupt Request 05 used by:
Printer Port (LPT1)

3. From Win 95 Control Panel select the MULTIMEDIA icon

A. The [AUDIO TAB] information should read:

Volume: Low[ X ]
High Preferred device:
ESS AudioDrive Playback (220)
[X] Show volume control on taskbar (Note, should be checked)

Volume: Low[ X ]
High Preferred device.
ESS AudioDrive Playback (220)
Preferred quality: Radio Quality

[ ] Use preferred devices only (Selection not checked)

B. Click on the [ADVANCED] TAB, from the listed multimedia devices select the following:

1. Double click on Audio Devices, the information listed should read:

Audio for ESS ES1688 AudioDrive

2. Double click on: Audio for ESS ES1688 AudioDrive.

[GENERAL] TAB information should read:

ESS ES1688 AudioDrive.
Status Driver is enabled and active

[X] Use audio features on this desice (selection is checked)
[ ] Do not use audio features on this device
[ ] Do not map through this device

Click on [SETTINGS] button the information listed should read:

Configuration options
[ X ] Use single mode DM4 (selection is checked)

4. Return to the listing of Multimedia devices under Multimedia Properties.

A. Double click on Mixer Devices, the information listed should read:

Mixer for ESS ES1688 AudioDrive

B. Double click on Mixer for ESS ES1688 AudioDrive,

The [GENERAL] TAB information listed should be:

ESS ES1688 AudioDrive Status: Driver is enabled and active

[X] Use Mixer features on this device 
[ ] Do not use Mixer features on this device
Click on [SETTINGS]

Configuration options
[X] Use single mode DMA (selection is checked)

5. Return back to the windows desktop and click on the speaker icon at the right side of the task bar. The settings should be configured as follows:

Volume Control Wave CD Audio Synthesizer

Balance [ MID] Balance [MID] Balance [MID] Balance [MID]

Volume [MID] Volume [MID] Volume [MID] Volume [MID]

[ ] Mute all [ X ] Select [ X ] Select [X] Select

ESS AudioDrive Mixer (220)

Note: [MID] means the slider control is set to the middle, or center point of its setting.

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