Epson C1440AXIS (AXIS External 10Base-T Print Server)

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How do I Install the Axis software in windows?
Before you begin this procedure, make sure you've installed your EPSON printer software and closed all applications. Follow these steps to install the Axis software: 1. With Windows running, insert the AXIS Utilities disk 1 in your diskette drive. 2. Select Run from the Start menu, then type a:\windows\setup (where a is the letter of your diskette drive). Click OK. 3. Follow the instructions on screen. Choose Custom if you want to install both AXIS NetPilot and AXIS Print Monitor; leave Typical selected if you only want to install AXIS Print Monitor. 4. When you see a message that the software has successfully installed, click Close, then restart your system. (Note for win95/98 and win NT: If the Installing AXIS Printer Ports wizard appears on your screen, close it. Do not try to install your printer this way. Then restart your system.)

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