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How do I configure my Axis 1440 print servers in an all Macintosh environment?
This information supplements the instructions in your AXIS 1440 User's Manual. In the Macintosh environment, you can set the AppleTalk network name for your AXIS 1440 and the AppleTalk zone. You can also set the IP address, which enables you to configure and manage your AXIS 1440 from any standard Web browser. Follow the instructions below to set these parameters:
1. Select Chooser from the Apple menu.
2. Select LaserWriter as network printer driver.
3. Select the printer port which name ends with "_CFG".
4. Close the Chooser.
5. Open a text editor, e.g. SimpleText.
6. Write a text file containing the parameters you want to set. The following example shows how you set the AppleTalk network name, the AppleTalk zone and the Internet address. Parameters that you do not want to set, should be excluded from the text file. APRINT_1 : AXIS180239_LPT1; ATK_ZONE : Zone1; INT_ADDR : Important! DO NOT use the parameter values from the example when configuring your AXIS 1440. Always consult your network administrator before assigning a zone or an IP address. If you network does not have multiple zones, leave the Zone parameter blank.
7. Print the text file. The settings will be stored permanently in the print server. 8. Open the Chooser and select the network (AT) version of your EPSON printer driver. 9. Close the Chooser. Notes:
- The _CFG port disappears 60 minutes after the AXIS 1440 has been powered on. If you want it to reappear, you must restart your AXIS 1440.
- If you have stored incorrect parameter values in the AXIS 1440, you must reset it to factory default settings before re-configuring it with the correct parameter values.

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