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Why don't the colors displayed on the monitor match the printed colors?
It's important to know that the colors you see on your printed page will not exactly match the one you see on your screen. Why? Because monitors and printers use different technologies to create color.

Ink jet printers use a method called CMYK to print dot patterns using the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This is called a subtractive process because it works by absorbing (subtracting) some colors from the visible spectrum and reflecting others.

Monitors use the RGB (red, green, blue) method to produce multi-colored images. Each point (pixel) on the monitor's screen has three colored phosphors: red, green and blue. By varying the intensity of the three colors the screen can produce up to 16 million colors, depending on your monitor and video adapter.

Because color is produced by adding together these color phosphors, this system is called "additive". For the most accurate preview of your printed images, you should have a monitor and video adapter capable of at least 256 colors.

The Epson software (driver) will give "Photo Quality", however,there is a difference between Photo Quality and Color Matching.There are differences between RGB (Monitor)and CMYK (Printer)as well as any Scanner or Monitor calibration utilities/profiles which in most cases will give incorrect colors (blues coming outpurplish as an example) if not properly calibrated. When using our driver under Windows 95', there are no ICM profilesthat come with our driver (yet) , which is a feature withWindows 95' that would give a slightly better color match fromprinter to screen. You could try adjusting the Document Typesand Image Settings in the printer driver setup to see if it makes any difference to your documents as well as calibrating the monitor and scanner to your applications, if the applicationshave that feature (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Corel 6.0, etc...). As far as color management systems, Kodak has a color managementapplication that will he Media Type setting maynot match the loaded paper. Make sure the Media Type settingmatches the paper or media you are using. Let the printer driverautomatically select other settings for the best quality. Theprintable side of the paper is face down when it should be loadedface up. Remove the paper and reload it with the printable sideface up. The Halftoning and Color Adjustment Mode options are setincorrectly for your document type. Incorrect or missing colors canalso be attributed to clogged nozzles in the print head. Trycleaning the print heads and see if quality improves. If cleaningdoesn't help, the ink cartridges may be low on ink and may need tobe replaced with a new ink cartridge. The color settings on yourapplication software need adjustment. Refer to your softwaredocumentation for help on adjusting colors.

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