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Do I need a removable disk drive to use the PDS software?
It is highly recommended to purchase a removable disk drive such as the EPSON ZIP Drive, Syquest, Magneto-Optical disks (MO), or recordable CD-ROMs before installing the e.Paper Document Management and Archival Suite software. Without a removable disk drive, your ability to archive documents will be limited to a fixed capacity. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. You will need to compare access speed, capacity, longevity, and cost to determine which is the best choice for your needs. Here are some notes on the technology currently available t you. Zip drives are inexpensive, relatively fast, and hold approximately 100MB (600 documents with an average document size of 170K). Syquest drives are quick and available in a variety of capacities from 80MB to 270MB (480 to 1,620 documents). MO disks are slower, but offer greater shelf life for storage, are resistant to magnetic fields, and hold between 128MB to 4GB (760 to 24,000 documents). Recordable CD-ROMs are more expensive than the others, claim to have a 10 year shelf life (be sure to purchase the "gold" disks, not the "green" disks), and offer large storage capacities (650MB or 3,500 documents). One inconvenience is that most recordable CD-ROM software requires you to save information on your hard drive first, then mass transfer the files to the CD-ROM.

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