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I'm getting the error "e.Paper can not overcome a hardware difficulty." How do I clear this?
The first thing to try would be removing device(s) connected to the SCSI connector on the computer. Try running e.Paper with just the PDS-MAC connected. Check the IDs of the scanner and try a different ID. You can also terminate the SCSI chain differently. Another consideration is the cable. Is it a good quality, fully-shielded cable? Is it longer than 2 feet? Cables that are not fully-shielded (1/4 to 3/8-inch thick) are more susceptible to "noise," which can cause problems in a perfect installation. If the cable is longer than 2 feet, you may be creating undue resistance. Long cables may cause the terminator to contribute too much resistance. Try removing the terminator to see if there is any change in performance. Any defective SCSI cable in the chain can cause communication errors.

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