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Where can I find the Users's Manuals for the all the software that comes with the Epson GT-30000 scanner?
Several of the applications that came with your scanner include electronic manuals in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Locate your PDF manuals as follows:
1. Presto! PageManager - Click Start, Programs, Presto! PageManager for EPSON, PageManager User's Manual.
2. ISIS User's Guide - Insert your scanner software CD-ROM. When the EPSON Software Setup screen appears, click Browse this CD. Open the ISIS folder, then the English folder, then double-click GT30000.pdf.
3. Acrobat Reader - Select Reader Guide from the Acrobat Reader Help menu.
4. EPSON GT-30000 User's Guide - You can download a PDF version of this guide from the Internet at
5. PixTools QuickScan includes on-screen help. To access it, click Start, Programs, PixTools Products, Documentation, and select QuickScan Help.

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