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My photos print out too dark (or too light). What should I do?
There are several ways to adjust the look of your printed output. Here are a few options: Retouch your photos. Use the Manual Retouching tools offered by Film Factory to brighten or darken your images. Auto retouching may help. Adjust the monitor and printer gamma. Because different techniques are used to display photos on your computer monitor and to print them out, your printed pictures will look different from the pictures displayed on your monitor. You can use the "monitor gamma" setting of your computer to lighten or darken images displayed on your computer. Similarly, you can set the "printer gamma" to adjust how light or dark your photo prints look. To minimize the difference in brightness between your monitor and your prints, Film Factory has an image calibration tool that tries to match your monitor to your printed output. To use this feature:
- go to File > Preferences > Image Calibration tab
- make sure the "Adjust Printer Gamma" checkbox is checked
- click on the printer "Adjust..." button
- in the new window, follow the instructions to adjust monitor gamma (ideally, the vertical bars should blend into the background)
- next print a test page
- on the test page, look for the photo that is most similar in brightness to the image on the monitor. The number under this photo should be used as the printer gamma setting.
- click OK Don't adjust printer gamma. If you prefer to use your default printer gamma settings, simply uncheck the "Adjust Printer Gamma" checkbox (go to File > Preferences > Image Calibration tab). Your images will probably print a bit lighter.

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