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I don't understand how to create a roll of film.
If the photos are already on your hard drive, network drive or CD-ROM: Select 'New Roll, Use Existing Image Folder' and specify the drive location and folder name where the photos reside in the 'Existing Image Folder' field. (You can browse folders by clicking the 'Browse' button.) Click the 'Add' button. If your folder name has any unallowed characters, you'll need to rename it first. If the photos are still in a digital camera, smart media, or compact flash, select 'New Roll', then enter the new roll name and click the 'Add' button. Select "Import" then select "From TWAIN Device", "From File", "From Removable Media", or "From PC Card" to import the photos. Select the folder and files you want to import. Next, click the 'Copy' or 'Move' button.

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