Epson StylusRIP Adobe PostScript Software for Windows and Macintosh

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How do I install the EPSON StylusRIP?
These are the steps to install EPSON StylusRIP:
1. Install the standard EPSON driver that came with the printer, following the instructions in the printer's setup guide. Print a file from a Macintosh application to verify that the printer and driver are working correctly.
2. Quit any running applications and disable all anti-virus extensions, then restart the Macintosh.
3. Insert the EPSON StylusRIP CD ROM in the drive. When necessary, double click on the StylusRIP CD ROM icon to open its window.
4. Double click the Installer icon, click Continue, select Easy Install, then click the Install button. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation, then click on Restart.
5. When the system has restarted, open the AppleTalk control panel, choose Remote Only from the pop up menu when the printer is connected with a serial cable. Close the control panel and click on Save when prompted to.

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