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Can I edit P.I.M. images with Film Factory?
Yes, you can edit P.I.M. images, however, some editing options will remove P.I.M. data from the image file. In other cases, the P.I.M. icon on the thumbnail is not displayed, but the P.I.M data is still available. Here is a summary of when the P.I.M. icon is displayed: Many digital cameras can now create PRINT Image Matching (P.I.M.) files. These P.I.M. files imbed information (stored within the "header" of the JPEG image file) that helps P.I.M.-compatible printers create prints that are more faithful to the original scene
- you don't need to retouch the image to get great printed results. In Film Factory, files that have P.I.M. data have a small icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. Only these images are supported by the PRINT Image Matching print option. If you need to make changes to your picture, Film Factory image editing tools work in conjunction with P.I.M. However, you should use caution when making changes to your photos to avoid losing the P.I.M. data.

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