PowerLite 7550C Multimedia Projector

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What is the difference between the PowerLite 5550C and the PowerLite 5500C?
The PowerLite 5550C has some technical advancements over the PowerLite 5500C. The PowerLite 5500C provides 650 ANSI lumens and the PowerLite 5550C produces a brilliant 850 ANSI lumens and features a 95% illumination ratio and 300:1 contrast ratio. The PowerLite 5550C and PowerLite 7550C also utilize a new long life (2000 hours) 120W UHE (ultra high efficiency) lamp, which comprises a 25% brightness improvement over its previous lamp technology. Additionally, Epson has improved the aperture ratio of its LCDs, significantly boosting brightness by allowing more light to pass through each of the PowerLite 5550C's 1.4 million pixels and the PowerLite 7550C's 2.3 million pixels.

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