PowerLite 1770W Multimedia Projector

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Can I use a canned air duster to clean my projector and are there any precautions I should take?
You can use canned air dusters with non-flammable propellants to remove dust from your projector's external surfaces and intake filters. Do not spray the duster inside the projector. Remove filters from the projector before cleaning them.

  • Do not use canned air dusters that have a flammable propellant on or around Epson projectors. Such gases can linger near the projector and catch fire when the projector is turned on. Please read the label or check with the manufacturer to determine if the duster uses a flammable propellant.

  • Never spray air duster (whether flammable or not) directly into the projector. Some propellants when exposed to high temperatures (such as heat from the projection lamp) can break down into toxic gases. Always remove filters from the projector before cleaning them.
Published: December 13, 2010

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