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What should I do if my printout is blurry or smeared?
Try the following solutions:

  • Make sure your paper is not damp, curled, old, or loaded faceup in the cassette (the printable side should be facedown).

  • Make sure your paper is not loaded facedown in the rear MP tray (the printable side should be faceup).

  • Use a support sheet with special paper, or load special paper one sheet at a time.

  • Make sure your paper meets the specifications for your product.

  • Use Epson papers to ensure proper saturation and absorption of genuine Epson inks.

  • Make sure the paper type setting in your product software matches the type of paper you loaded.

  • Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed.

  • Avoid handling printouts on glossy paper right after printing to allow the ink to set.

  • Turn off any high speed settings in your product software.

  • If you print on both sides of a sheet of paper, smudges may appear on the reverse side of heavily saturated or dark images. If one side of a sheet will contain a lighter image or text, print that side first. Adjust the Print Density and/or Ink Drying Time settings.

  • Clean the print head.

  • Align the print head.

  • Clean the paper path.

  • Note: Your product will not operate properly while tilted at an angle. Place it on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base of the product in all directions.
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Published: September 9, 2011

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