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How do I install the driver from the EPSON Stylus Photo 960 CD-ROM in Windows 98 or Me?
Before you start, make sure your printer is set up, connected to your computer, and turned on. Follow these steps to install the printer driver and software:

1. Turn on your computer. (Make sure your printer is still on.) Wait until you see the Add New Hardware Wizard.

2. Put the EPSON CD-ROM in your drive.

3. After a moment, click Next on the Add New Hardware Wizard screen.

If you're running Windows Me, go to step 8.
If you're running Windows 98, continue with step 4.

4. When you see a screen asking 'What do you want Windows to do?', click Next again.

5. You see a screen asking where you want Windows to search. Click CD-ROM drive. Then click Next.

6. Click Next on the following screen.

When you see the screen that says Windows has finished installing your printer software, click Finish.

7. Click Next on each of the four screens that follow.

8. When you see the Default Printer screen, click Finish. Then wait while the files are copied to your computer.

9. Click Finish when you see the screen saying Windows has finished installing the new hardware device.

10. You see the license agreement. Read the agreement and click Agree to continue installation.

You see the Options Menu. Continue with the instructions below under "Finishing Windows Installation" to complete your software installation.

11. Click Install Optional Software

12. At the Optional Software menu, click the button for each program to learn more about it. If you want the program, click Install and follow the instructions on the screen.

13. If you see a message about installing QuickTime, click Yes and follow the on-screen instructions. You don't need a registration number.

14. When you're finished installing software, close any open windows and click Back.

15. Click View Software Offers. Click the button for each offer to learn more about it, then follow the instructions on the screen.

16. If you see a screen asking you to restart, select No and click Finish. If your computer restarts automatically, you need to return to the menu. Click Start (on Windows XP), double-click My Computer, then double-click the EPSON CD-ROM icon.

17. When you're finished, close any open windows and click Back.

18. Click Install Printer Information Center and follow the on-screen instructions.

19. Close any open windows and click Exit at the menu.

20. When you see the registration screen, register your printer with EPSON as instructed. Remove the CD-ROM and keep it in case you need to reinstall any software later.

21. Restart your computer if necessary. You're ready to print!

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