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What is Print Image Matching (P.I.M.)?
Your EPSON Stylus Photo 960 printer supports EPSON's revolutionary PRINTImage Matching (P.I.M.). This new technology lets your digital camera and printer work together automatically to produce the best prints possible.
Check with your camera's manufacturer to find out if PRINT Image Matching technology is included.

With PRINT Image Matching, the digital camera manufacturer can set specific printing options for each camera model. These options include:

- Contrast, sharpness, and brightness
- Gamma level, color space, and color saturation
- Shadow point, highlight point, and color balance

The camera saves this information in each image file. Your printer, along with EPSON Software Film Factory or the P.I.M. Plug-in for Adobe. Photoshop. then uses the information to ensure the most accurate image reproduction.But don't worry if your camera doesn't include PRINT Image MatchingTechnology your EPSON Stylus Photo 960 gives great photo printing results, even for non-P.I.M. images.

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