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What are the minimum Macintosh System Requirements for this product?
For printing with the EpsonNet 802.11b Wireless Print Server, make sure each Macintosh meets the following requirements:

  • An Apple iBook, iMac,™ PowerBook G3 or G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, or Power Mac G3 or G4
  • Mac® OS 8.6 through 10.2.x (Mac OS 9.2 recommended)
  • If you are using Mac OS X, check the EPSON web site for driver and firmware updates and support information.
  • 32MB of available RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 100MB of free hard disk space (200MB recommended)
  • VGA display or better
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive for installing the utility software

    In addition, each computer either needs to have a wireless adapter installed, or needs to be connected to an existing wired network that has a wireless access point or AirPort Base Station.

    If you are using AirPort, EPSON recommends that you use the print server with an access point or AirPort Base Station. With AirPort, your print server works more reliably in infrastructure mode.

    Make sure the access point supports AppleTalk if using a Macintosh.

    For Macintosh computers not connected to a wired network, you need an AirPort card or Macintosh-compatible wireless adapter. Make sure your card or adapter works in ad hoc mode if you want to print without an access point.

    If you are using an AirPort card or the AirPort Base Station, use AirPort software version 1.3 or later. To connect the print server to your printer, you also need a high-speed, bidirectional, IEEE-1284 compliant parallel cable (6 to 10 feet long) with standard connectors.

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