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How do I set up printing to other Macintosh computers using AirPort?
Follow these steps:

  • Make sure AirPort is enabled in the AppleTalk Control Panel. If your Macintosh and AirPort Base Station or access point are connected over an existing Ethernet network, select Ethernet in the AppleTalk Control Panel.
  • Make sure that both AppleTalk and TCP/IP are enabled in your AirPort utility.
  • To use the printer in infrastructure mode, select a working connection to a base station or access point from the AirPort Networks list.
  • To use the printer in computer-to-computer (ad hoc) mode, create or join a computer-to-computer network. See your AirPort documentation for details.
  • EPSON recommends that you use the print server with an AirPort Base station or access point. With AirPort, your print server works more reliably in infrastructure mode than computer-to-computer (ad hoc) mode.

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