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Why am I getting an error condition using the Terminal Program in Mac OSX after updating the firmware on the EpsonNet 802.11b Wireless Print Server using the downloaded instructions?
The following is a newly revised procedure to help clarify the process:

1. Configure the Mac and the EpsonNet 802.11b Wireless Print Server for TCP/IP.
2. Download/copy the "WLEP399.bin" firmware file to the Desktop.
3. Navigate to, Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities>Terminal, and launch the terminal program.
4. At the Terminal program screen do the following;

Type cd desktop, hit RETURN

TYPE tftp then hit RETURN
Example: tftp, then press the RETURN key.

At the tftp> prompt type the word binary, then hit RETURN
Example: tftp> binary, then press the RETURN key.

At the tftp> prompt type put (which is the firmware update bin file name) then hit RETURN
Example: tftp> put WLEP399.bin, then press the RETURN key.

During the update process, you will see a message on the screen, at the TFTP prompt, that a number of bytes were sent. This means the update is complete.

Note: If a timeout error occurs, do the following:

  • Check your TCP/IP settings
  • Power cycle the print server
  • Run WP-Admin, click CLEAR then click START
  • Check the TCP/IP settings in the Configuration page of the print server, save the settings and Quit.
  • Rerun step 4.

    5. Next, go to the print server and perform a reset, then launch WP-Admin again to setup the print server.
    6. At WP-Admin in the search screen, click on CLEAR first, then click on START for the print server to reappear.
    7. Open the configuration page and confirm the settings are correct, change if necessary.
    8. Print the Configuration page. Click on the WP-Admin drop down menu at the top of the page and select TEST PAGE or PRINT.
    9. Save, then Quit WP-Admin.

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