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What might prevent the Epson 802.11b wireless print server from driving an Epson inkjet printer at full speed?
Several things may interfere with full printing speed. The IEEE 802.11b transmission standard imposes some amount of overhead for error checking which makes the effective bandwidth less than the 11Mbit specification claimed by some 802.11b product vendors. Because this is a network protocol, many users can share the same 802.11b wireless bandwidth and cause the network to be "busy". Effective throughput to a printer may be reduced by heavy network traffic, e.g., users simultaneously downloading large files from the internet. The 802.11b wireless transmission protocol operates at the 2.4 gigahertz unlicensed "industrial/scientific/medical" frequency range which may be used by other devices found in proximity of the wireless print server. Some 2.4Ghz cordless phones or microwave ovens may interfere with the print server and result in slower print speeds. Users are encouraged to use their network adapter configuration utility, along with the WPAdmin print server utility, to switch to one of the other eleven 802.11b channels to improve performance where interference is present.

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