Epson Stylus C82N Ink Jet Printer

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Is there a printer self test to determine if a problem is caused by the printer?
You can run a printer check to determine whether a problem comes from the printer itself or some other source. Follow these steps to run the printer check:

1. Make sure both the printer and computer are turned off.

2. Disconnect the interface cable from the printer.

3. Make sure paper is loaded in the printer.

4. Hold down the Paper button, and turn on the printer. Continue holding down the Paper button until the green power light starts to flash, then release it. The printer prints one page showing its ROM version number, the percentage of ink in each cartridge, and a nozzle check pattern.

If the pattern has gaps in its dots, you need to clean the print head.

5. To end the check, turn off the printer after it prints the check page. Then reconnect the interface cable and turn on your printer and computer. If the check page prints, the problem probably lies in your software settings, the interface cable, or your computer. If the check page doesn't print, you should contact EPSON technical support.

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