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How can I convert my scanned documents to a PDF file?
Try the following:

Scanning to a PDF File in Office Mode, Home Mode, or Professional Mode

  1. Place your document on the document table or in the ADF. See Placing Originals on the Product for instruction.

  2. Start EPSON Scan.

    • In Office Mode window, under the Main Settings tab select the Document Source, Size, Orientation, Rotate, Image Type, and Resolution.

    • In Home Mode window, select the Document Type, Image Type, and Destination setting.

    • Note: In Home Mode you can only scan from the document table. If you want to scan using the ADF, change to Office Mode or Professional Mode.

    • In Professional Mode window, select the Document Type, Document Source, Auto Exposure Type, Image Type, and Resolution settings.

  3. Click Preview to preview your image(s), then select your scan area.

  4. Click Scan. The File Save Settings window appears.

  5. Select PDF as the Type setting. The current Paper Size, Orientation, Margin, Page Number, Compression Level, and the Text Setting settings are displayed below it.

  6. Click OK. EPSON Scan scans your document and displays the window below.

  7. Note: If you deselect the Show Add Page dialog after scanning check box in the File Save Settings window, this window does not appear and EPSON Scan automatically saves your document.

  8. Select one of the following options:

    • Add page: Click this button to scan the next page of your document. Replace the first page on the document table with the next page, and click Scan. Repeat this step for each page in your document.

    • Edit page: Click this button if you have scanned all the necessary pages so you can edit the scanned pages before saving them in one PDF file.

    • Save File: Click this button when you are ready to finish scanning and save the scanned pages into one PDF without editing them.

  9. The pages are saved in one PDF file in My Documents, My Pictures, or the location you selected in the File Save Settings window, and you return to the Office Mode, Home Mode, or Professional Mode window.

  10. Click Close to exit EPSON Scan.

Published: October 9, 2012

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