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Why can't I connect to the print server?
1. Check the lights on your print server. The yellow light remains on when your network has a connection to the print server, and the green light flashes when data is sent to the print server. If the yellow light is on, make sure you have a connection between your computer and access point or base station, if you have one.

2. Make sure your computer's wireless adapter is installed and configured correctly.

3. If you have an access point, make sure that it is turned on and configured correctly. Confirm the connection between your computer and access point before you connect to the print server. Reset the access point if you're having a problem establishing a connection.

4. If using AirPort, make sure that AirPort is enabled in the AppleTalk Control Panel and AppleTalk and TCP/IP are enabled in your AirPort utility. Verify you are using AirPort version 1.3 or later. (Download an upgrade to version 1.3 from Apple's web site).

5. If using an AirPort Base Station, make sure that you've selected a working connection to your base station from the AirPort Networks list. If using AirPort in computer-to-computer (ad hoc) mode, create or join a computer-to-computer network.

6. Press the test button on the back of the print server for at least five seconds to reset the print server to its factory defaults. The print server's green and yellow lights come on briefly when the print server resets.
If you've already configured the print server, you need to run WP-Admin again to reconfigure it.

7. Try restarting your computer.

8. Make sure your computer, print server, and access point (if you have one) are within 120 feet without obstructions. Try moving your equipment closer.

9. Move the print server away from large metal objects or devices that interfere with radio signals, such as cordless phones and microwave ovens.

10. Verify the wireless mode for your computer is set to Infrastructure if you are connecting through an access point, or 802.11b Ad Hoc if you are connecting without an access point. (Your wireless adapter may use different terms.) Never select a pseudo ad hoc or proprietary ad hoc mode.

11. Verify your print server's IP address is on the same network segment as your computer's IP address, ie, if you have two computers on your network whose IP addresses are and, the print server's IP address should begin with 192.189.207. The last part of the address can be any number between 1 and 254 except 3 or 4. To check the print server's IP address, press the test button on the back of the print server for one second to print a status sheet.

It's best to change your print server's IP address instead of the computers'. Your computer's IP address is used to configure the computer for a host of functions, from Internet access to file sharing. If you change it, you might have to reconfigure your computer for these functions.

12. If you've set the Boot Method in WP-Admin to AUTO or DHCP and turned the print server off and on again, DHCP may have assigned another IP address to the print server. Press the test button on the print server for one second to print a status sheet. Make sure the IP address for your computer is on the same network segment. (You can avoid this problem by leaving the print server on, or by setting the Boot Method to STATIC.)

13. If you are using WEP encryption on your wireless network, disable it on your computer before you configure the print server. Enable WEP on the print server. After configuring the print server, enable WEP on the computer again.

If your access point only allows WEP-enabled clients to connect to it, you may have to set your computer's wireless mode to 802.11b Ad Hoc (or your adapter's wireless ad hoc mode) before you configure the print server. If your computer's wireless mode was originally set to Infrastructure, you can set it back to Infrastructure when you're done.

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