Epson StylusRIP Professional 2.0 for the Epson Stylus Photo 2200

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How can I use the EPSON StylusRIP Professional as a print server on a network?
The most efficient way to use the EPSON StylusRIP Professional as a print server is shown in figure 1.

The RIP should be installed in a Server Host (S1) and a PS Printer driver and PPD should be installed in each Client Host (C1, C2). Server Host (S1) connected to the printer (P1) by USB or FireWire cable.

Note: In a general network environment, the printer is shared by multiple Macintosh computers over the network.

  • Epson recommends connecting the printer and print server, by USB or FireWire cable.
  • Epson does not recommend to output via AppleTalk connection using an optional multi-protocol Ethernet I/F card. Due to the amount of traffic generated you may encounter slow throughput.

  • If a router is used on the network and the job sent from the Client Host does not print to the printer, remove the router from the network and temporarily install an Ethernet Hub. This will avoid any firewall communication problems that may be caused by the router. Then reinstall the PS Printer driver and PPD to each Client Host. After setup is complete, you can return the router connection back to its network configuration.

  • In a home or small business network using multiple PC and Macintosh systems, you can also connect a USB + FireWire Hub device to use the Epson StylusRIP PRO as a print server on a network.

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