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How do I print from my PC to an Epson Remote Printer?
Do the following:
  1. If you have not set up an Epson Connect account, see Epson Connect Printer Setup for instructions.

  2. Go to Epson Support and navigate to the Drivers & Downloads page for your product.

  3. Click Drivers to expand the window.

  4. Select Download next to Remote Print Driver and follow the instructions to install the remote print driver.

  5. When you see the screen below, select EPSON Remote Print and click OK.

  6. Select your language and click OK.

  7. Enter the printer's email address.

  8. If you receive a message about an access key, the printer owner can provide this information to you. The remote print driver will now appear in your list of printers.

    When you are ready to print, select the remote print driver from your software (File > Print > Remote Print driver).
Published: February 6, 2013

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