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The quality of my printed output is unacceptable. What can I do to improve it?
Check the following:
  • Verify that the printable side of the paper is face up. EPSON brand paper, which is designed for the EPSON Stylus C44UX printer, delivers the best printed output.

  • Verify that printer driver settings are correct.

    • The Quality Type setting in the printer driver may be set incorrectly for your document. If the output is faint, make sure the Quality Type is not set to Draft.

    • Make sure the correct printer driver is selected for your printer model.

    • See more information for Windows, Macintosh OS X, or Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.x.

  • Perform a nozzle check to make sure all colors are printing properly.

  • Make sure your ink cartridges are not outdated. They should be replaced six months after installing them in the printer to ensure the ink is fresh.

  • Try testing the printer with another computer and cable. This will eliminate the possibility of a defective printer cable or software problem.

  • Try replacing the ink cartridge and make sure you are using genuine EPSON ink cartridges.

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