PowerLite 7800p Multimedia Projector

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Does this projector come with a remote control?
Yes, the remote control lets you access your projector's features from anywhere in the room, up to 30 feet away and within range of the projector's front or back sensor (approximately 300 to left or right and 150 above or below). You can use it to turn the projector on and off, switch between picture sources, freeze the action, mute the picture and sound, and zoom in on a portion of your image.

You can use the remote control to access the projector's menu system. The remote also has special functions that are available only when projecting in certain modes such as when connected to a computer.

The remote control has an on/off switch on its side. Push up on the on/off switch to turn it on. Turn off the remote control before transporting or storing it; this prevents the batteries from discharging if something presses against one of the buttons. Note: If a button is pressed longer than 60 seconds, the remote control stops operating to conserve power. When you release the button, normal operation resumes.

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