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Where can I find the RS-232 codes for programming my projector?
The RS-232 codes for your projector are listed in the ESC/VP Level 21 Communication Manual.

The Applicable Models listed in this manual are different than the actual product names. Please refer to the table below to verify your projector’s name.

Product NameApplicable Model Name
PowerLite Home 10TW10
PowerLite Home 10+TW10H
PowerLite Home 20TW20
PowerLite TW100TW100
PowerLite Cinema 200TW200
PowerLite Cinema 200+TW200H
PowerLite Cinema 500TW500
PowerLite Home Cinema 400
PowerLite Cinema 550
PowerLite Pro Cinema 800TW800
PowerLite Pro Cinema 810TW700
PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080
PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UB
PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080UB
PowerLite Home Cinema 6100
PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100
PowerLite Home Cinema 6500UBTW4000
PowerLite Pro Cinema 7500UBTW5000
PowerLite Home Cinema 700
PowerLite Home Cinema 720
Published: July 13, 2009

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