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How do I install the printer queue on a Mac OS X client computer if the ColorBurst RIP is running on a Windows server?
Follow these instructions to install the printer queue on your Mac OS client:

  1. Run the PPD installer v. 1.0.3 on your Macintosh. This installer can be downloaded from the Stylus Pro 4000 Downloads page.

  2. On the server, right-click ColorBurst RIP in the Windows printer folder and select Sharing.

  3. Share the printer with full permissions using a name that has no more than 10 characters (e.g., CBRIP).

  4. Restart the PC, then launch the ColorBurst server and start the spooler with the appropriate environment selected.

  5. On the Macintosh, go the the following directory to obtain the PPD:

    Hard Drive > Library > Printers > PPDs > Contents > Resources > en.lproj

    This directory contains a compressed file: CSE4000.PPD.gz.

  6. Double click the CSE4000.PPD.gz file.

    This will extract the file CSE4000.PPD.

  7. Copy the CSE4000.PPD file to a folder that is easier to locate on your system, such as your “user” directory.

  8. Open the Printer Setup Utility, click the Add button, then select Windows Printing from the interface menu.

  9. Select the “network neighborhood” (i.e., workgroup) where the ColorBurst server is located.

  10. Navigate to the ColorBurst RIP server. You will need to know the user account name and password for the PC.

  11. Select the ColorBurst server that you named in step 3.

  12. Select Other under Printer Model, then browse to the location where you placed the CSE4000.PPD file.

  13. The printer has now been added to your Mac OS X client.

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