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How do I install my EPSON Stylus RIP Professional 2.0 software on a Mac OS X 10.2.x - 10.3.4 system?
Note: Turn off all virus protection software before you install the Stylus RIP Professional software. To do this, see the documentation that came with your virus protection software or computer.

Install the software

  1. Insert the Stylus RIP Professional 2.0 CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  2. Double-click the Stylus RIP Pro 2.0 CD-ROM icon.

  3. Open the OSX_Installer folder, then double-click the Installer_StylusPhoto2200 icon, then click Continue.

  4. Note: If the Authenticate window appears, enter your pass phrase, then click OK.

  5. Select the destination disk to install the software, then click Continue.

  6. Click Install to start the installation.

  7. Note: If the software is being reinstalled, click Upgrade instead of Install.

  8. When the installation is complete, click Close.
Start PS Server

  1. Turn on the Stylus Photo 2200 printer.

  2. Open the Applications folder on your hard drive.

  3. Double-click EPSON PS Server.

  4. Select your printer in the dialog box that appears, then click OK.

  5. When asked for the license key, enter your key and click OK. The PS Server spool monitor for the Stylus Photo 2200 appears on your desktop.

  6. Note: The license key is printed on the CD-ROM case. You only need to enter this key the first time you start PS Server.
Add the printer to the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility

    Note: Before you add the printer to the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility, make sure you’ve started PS Server on the print server. If you plan to share the printer, make sure AppleTalk is enabled. See your Macintosh help system for details.

  1. Open the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility and click the Add icon in the toolbar.

  2. In the pull-down list at the top of the dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Select IP Printing if you are not connected to a network.
    • Select AppleTalk if you are connected to a network.

  3. If you selected IP Printing as the protocol, enter as the Printer’s Address and select Epson as the Printer Model.

  4. Click Add, then close the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility.

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