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When I press the Display button on my P-2000 to view the properties of a RAW file image, why isn’t the file size displayed?
Pictures taken on a digital camera and saved as a RAW file include a header that records image information (metadata) such as the date and time the picture was taken, make and model of camera, ISO speed, shutter speed, and white balance. The P-2000 can read image headers that follow the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) file format specification including the current version--EXIF 2.2. The amount of image file properties stored in the header is determined by each digital camera manufacturer and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a result, when viewing image file properties on your P-2000, you may see different settings for each image. This is normal.

Almost all RAW images contain a copy of the photo image that is stored as an encoded JPEG data stream. The P-2000 reads only the JPEG data stream inside the RAW file when displaying an image. Since the resolution (image size) of RAW and JPEG images are not the same, the P-2000 does not display file size (resolution) information on RAW images.

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