Epson StoryTeller Photo Book Creator - 5" x 7" (10 pages)

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What paper size should I select to print the cover?
The settings you use to print the cover depend on your printer. Many Epson printers automatically choose the right paper size and some Epson and non-Epson printers require you to make the setting. First see the instructions Create Your Cover. If you can’t print the cover using the Create Your Cover instructions, set the paper size to User Defined (or custom), the Unit to 0.01 inch, width 550 and height 2087. If your printer can’t print the full-length cover, set the paper size to 5” x 7” to print front and back cover pages.

Note: Print a draft before you print the final cover. Do not use StoryTeller paper for the draft, use plain letter size paper.

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