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How do I use the CX11N to perform Push-Scans in a network environment?
First, make sure the computers on the network meet these requirements:

  • Each recipient computer must be on the same network (TCP/IP) segment.

  • Each recipient computer must meet the system requirements.

  • Each recipient computer must have a specific computer name not duplicated anywhere else on the same network segment.

  • On each recipient computer, Presto! PageManager must be started and the registration key must be activated. Otherwise, the Push-Scan feature will be dormant.
Now follow these steps to set up the software:

  1. Install Epson Scan version 2.61 and Epson FileManager version 1.10 on each recipient computer. Install these programs from network mode through either normal or custom installation.

    Epson Scan and Epson FileManager are provided on the AcuLaser Software CD (CPD-19583) that came with your CX11N.

  2. Install Presto! PageManager for Epson version 7.13.00 on each recipient computer.

    • Presto! PageManager for Epson is provided on Disc Vol. 1.0 (310039700) that came with your CX11N.
    • Do not change the folder name used by Presto! PageManager. This is where the scan files will be placed. If you change the folder name, you will see error messages and the scans will fail.

  3. Verify the computer names and TCP/IP addresses of the recipient computers and write them down for reference.

  4. Verify that the CX11N has acquired a TCP/IP address. Print a network status sheet to see the TCP/IP address.
Once you have completed the setup steps, you are ready to scan. See Scanning to your computer.

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