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What is the maximum image size I can view on the P-5000?
The P-5000 supports JPEG images up to 30 megapixels. Each megapixel consists of one million pizels in a digial image. For example, an image that is 2048 pixels wide by 1536 pixels high is 3.1 megapixels (2048 x 1536 = 3,145,728 pixels or 3.1 megapixels). The P-5000 photo viewer can display images up to 6000 pixels wide by 5000 pixels high (6000 x 5000 = 30,000,000 or 30 megapixels), which is the equivalent number of pixels in a 16" x 20" 300 dpi image.

The P-5000 also has a 3:1 aspect ratio maximum for displayed images. It can display a panoramic image that is 9000 pixels wide by 3000 pixels high (9000 x 3000 = 27,000,000 pixels or 27 megapixels with a 3:1 aspect ratio), but not an image that is 9000 pixels wide by 500 pixels high (9000 x 500 = 4,500,000 or 4.5 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 18:1) because its aspect ratio is 18:1.
Published: February 7, 2007

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