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Can I use the cleaning sheets that are included with any special media I purchase?
Cleaning sheets that are included with certain types of Epson media are designed for other printer models. Do not use these sheets in your printer because they may damage the printer.

You can use Epson Ink Jet Printer Cleaning Sheets (part number S041150) with the Stylus Photo 1400. They are available from the Epson Store. Follow these instructions to clean the rollers:

Do not follow the loading instructions on the sheet; they are not correct for your printer. Follow the steps here instead.

  1. Remove any paper loaded in the printer’s sheet feeder.

  2. Remove the instruction sheet from the sticky side of the cleaning sheet.

  3. Position the cleaning sheet in the printer’s sheet feeder with the cut corner in the lower left. Make sure the sticky side of the cleaning sheet is face up.

  4. Press the  paper button to feed the sheet through the printer.

  5. When the sheet ejects, repeat steps 3 and 4 to feed the sheet through two more times. Then discard the cleaning sheet.
Published: January 29, 2007

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