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What are the recommended Color Management Settings for Photoshop CS 2?
When printing from Photoshop CS 2, you can manage color in the application or through the printer driver. Follow the instructions below to produce the best color output.

Using Photoshop and ICC profiles

  1. Set Color Handling in Photoshop CS 2 to Let Photoshop Determine Colors.
  2. Set the printer profile to a choice that matches your printer and paper (I.E. Pro4800 EMP_Mk).
  3. Set the rendering intent to Perceptual or Relative Colormetric. Perceptual is recommended.
  4. Set the Printers Color Management to Off (No Color Adjustment).

Using the Printer Driver to Manage Color

  1. Set Photoshop to No Color Management.

  2. Set Printer Color Management to any of the Epson color settings except Off (No Color Adjustment).

Combinations to Avoid

Avoid the following setting combinations which produce poor results:

Photoshop setting Printer driver setting
Let Photoshop Determine Colors Color Controls
No Color Management Off (No Color Adjustment)
Published: April 30, 2007

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