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  1. When I try to take a close-up shot, what I see through the viewfinder is not what I get when I download the picture. [ Answer
  2. What are the system requirements to use the PhotoPC on my Macintosh computer? [ Answer
  3. What can I do with the PhotoPC Color Digital Camera? [ Answer
  4. Where can I get assistance for the bundled EasyPhoto software? [ Answer
  5. Why do my images have the wrong date and time on them? [ Answer
  6. Why don't the colors of my pictures look right? [ Answer
  7. Why is there a delay between the time I press the shutter button and when the camera beeps? [ Answer
  8. Does Epson have a program where I can donate my working computer equipment? [ Answer
  9. Why am I getting a red vertical or horizontal line through my picture? [ Answer
  10. Can I use telephoto and wide angle lenses with the PhotoPC? [ Answer

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