PhotoPC 650 Digital Camera


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  1. How can I increase my camera's picture storage capacity? [ Answer
  2. You get an error message when you try to transfer your pictures to the computer. [ Answer
  3. Will the PhotoPC 650 work with Windows NT 3.51? [ Answer
  4. Your pictures don't look as good as they used to. [ Answer
  5. The camera has no power. [ Answer
  6. With MAC OS to 9.1 (upgrade or full install) I can see the images on the Compact Flash card through the Lexar Media "Jump Shot" Card Reader, but when I try to open an image, the program says it is opening the file, but the image is never displayed. What can I do? [ Answer
  7. Your picture is too dark (underexposed). [ Answer
  8. A horizontal or vertical red line appears on your picture. [ Answer
  9. The "pictures remaining" number on the display panel doesn't decrease after you take a picture. [ Answer
  10. The LCD monitor flickers. [ Answer

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