PhotoPC 650 Digital Camera


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  1. How can I increase my camera's picture storage capacity? [ Answer
  2. The camera has no power. [ Answer
  3. You are unable to format or use a CompactFlash storage card with your camera. [ Answer
  4. Why doesn't the red-eye reduction feature work with macro mode? [ Answer
  5. You get an error message when you try to transfer your pictures to the computer. [ Answer
  6. Your picture is too light (overexposed). [ Answer
  7. Your pictures display poor image quality on the screen or when you print them out. [ Answer
  8. After I take pictures, download them and save them to the Lexar CompactFlash USB card, the camera doesn't see them or download them using the serial cable. Why not? [ Answer
  9. The pictures transfer to your computer too slowly. [ Answer
  10. The wrong date and/or time are displayed on your pictures. [ Answer

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