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  1. The pictures transfer to your computer too slowly. [ Answer
  2. The menus disappear while you're taking pictures with the LCD screen. [ Answer
  3. Does the Epson Image Authentication System function with a flash memory card inserted in an IAS-enabled camera? [ Answer
  4. The colors in your picture don't look right. [ Answer
  5. When you upload pictures to a storage card in your computer, your system appears to hang. [ Answer
  6. Why can't I record an audio clip right after the picture is taken in Hypict mode? [ Answer
  7. You've purchased a CompactFlash card that doesn't fit in the camera. [ Answer
  8. Your pictures display poor image quality on the screen or when you print them out. [ Answer
  9. A horizontal or vertical red line appears on your picture. [ Answer
  10. What is the current version of EPSON IAS? [ Answer

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