Epson Zip-100P (Parallel)


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  1. Can I use MS-Backup to backup my hard drive onto multiple zip disks? [ Answer
  2. Is an internal ZIP drive available? [ Answer
  3. Can I use EPSON's parallel ZIP drive on my Microsoft NT computer? [ Answer
  4. Does ZIP use Bernoulli technology? [ Answer
  5. How do I install the ZIP drive on my Windows 95 computer and not have it change my CD-ROM drive letters? [ Answer
  6. The zip drive is not working. How can I fix this? [ Answer
  7. When loading the LBUTTONS or the POINTER mouse drivers for some Logitech and Microsoft mouse utilities, I get different errors. Sometimes the system hangs in Windows and write errors occur when you try to copy files or the drivers will not install at all. [ Answer
  8. Why is the drive called ZIP? [ Answer
  9. What are the minimum computer requirements? [ Answer
  10. I can only use half of my ZIP Tools disk and it says it needs a password. I never set a password. [ Answer

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