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  1. Is the AP-60 compatible with Dynamic or Condenser microphones? [ Answer
  2. Can the IR dome sensor cable be installed into the space above a dropped ceiling? [ Answer
  3. How should I position the pendant microphone to achieve the best sound quality? [ Answer
  4. Can I purchase an additional pendant microphone? [ Answer
  5. Can I set the AP-60 on a table instead of installing it on the ceiling? [ Answer
  6. How do I make an audio recording with the AP-60? [ Answer
  7. How do I set up the AP-60 for the best audio performance? [ Answer
  8. How many IR dome sensors can I connect to the AP-60? [ Answer
  9. Can I use a mono or stereo microphone? [ Answer
  10. Can I use my existing 1.5” projector mounting pipe to install the AP-60? [ Answer

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