PowerLite 1716 Multimedia Projector


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  1. Can I use a standard flash drive if I copy the software from the Quick Wireless Connection USB key to the flash drive? [ Answer
  2. How do I enable Closed Captioning? [ Answer
  3. What is the maximum recommended USB cable length I can use to connect the projector? [ Answer
  4. What is the maximum supported MPEG2 video resolution? [ Answer
  5. Can the projector be accessed using different operating systems on the same network? [ Answer
  6. Part of my image is blurred or out of focus. What should I do? [ Answer
  7. What should I do when the projected image from a 16:10 projector is too big for a 16:9 screen? [ Answer
  8. Does the projector include any security features? [ Answer
  9. How do I set up a wireless connection? [ Answer
  10. The picture stalls, skips, or is pixilated when I play a movie using the wireless Movie Sending Mode in NS Connection. What should I do? [ Answer

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