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  1. When I try printing a Custom or User Defined paper size from Windows the printer prints the first page, then ejects about a page and a half and starts to print the second page. How can I set the printer to the correct paper length? [ Answer
  2. The printer starts printing too far down the page. Should I adjust the loading position with the knob on the right side of the printer? [ Answer
  3. When printing a multiple page document on single sheets, the first page prints correctly, but the pages after start printing too low. [ Answer
  4. Why won't my printer print bidirectional in Windows? [ Answer
  5. What are the most commonly used escape codes? [ Answer
  6. Why are two pages printed for each page I print? [ Answer
  7. Why do I get incorrect print on labels or other custom paper sizes? [ Answer
  8. My printer prints fine from MS-DOS. Why am I getting garbage only in Windows? [ Answer
  9. What driver should I use to print from my DOS applications? [ Answer
  10. When I print from Windows and I cancel the job on my computer screen, the printing status window goes away and the job is canceled, but none of the buttons on my printer's control panel work. How do I clear the printer? [ Answer

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